7 days to 45 days

@ 3.25%

46 days to 180 days

@ 4.50%

181 days to 1 year

@ 5.25%

1 year to 2 year

@ 6.25%

2 year to 3 year

@ 5.75%

above 3 years

@ 5.50%

Housing Loan

@ 8.75%* To 10%

Vehicle Loan

@ 9%

Personal Loan

@ 14%

Mortgage Loan

@ 12%

Gold Loan

@ 9%


@ 9%

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TRANSFER YOUR FUNDS ANYWHERE IN INDIA IN MINUTES (Selected Banks and Branches) Minimum amount per transaction Rs. Two Lacks. There is no upper ceiling of RTGS transactions.

The beneficiary bank credits the beneficiary’s account within TWO hour of receiving the funds message.

The objectives of the NEFT System are

Reserve Bank of India has introduced a system called Real Time Gross Settlement(RTGS) / National Electronic Funds Transfer System (NEFT) through which fund transfer operation would take place among member Banks and financial institutions. Our bank is one of the participants in the above system.

To establish an Electronic Funds Transfer System to facilitate an efficient, Secure, economical, reliable and expeditious system of funds transfer and Clearing in the banking sector throughout India, and To relieve the stress on the existing paper based funds transfer and clearing system.

1) Credit to Beneficiary’s Account on the same day/next day if remittance done late in the evening.

2) Safest and Secure Mode of Fund Transfer.

3) No charges for inward Remittance

4) Money can be put to use by beneficiary on the same day or next day.

Customers of Kankaria Maninagar Nagarik Sahakari Bank can send/ receive remittances under RTGS / NEFT Scheme to/ from any destination Bank/ Branch which is registered with RBI’s NEFT System.

Presently more than 60,000 Branches of 91 member banks spread across the country participate in NEFT.

What you need to Submit?

What you need to Submit? (Remitting customer)

  • Amount to be remitted.
  • His/her account number which is to be debited.
  • Name of the beneficiary bank.
  • Name of the beneficiary customer.
  • IFSC of receiving branch.
  • Account number of the beneficiary customer.

Amount of Remittance:

Maximum amount of remittance/ transaction is up to Rs. 2,00,000/-. For NEFT

Minimum amount of remittance/ transaction is above Rs. 2,00,000/- For RTGS


10:00 am to 04:00 P.M. (Monday to Friday)

10:00 am to 4:00 PM (2nd and 4th Saturday is Holiday)


No Charages for RTGS/NEFT.